Embossed Microfiber 100% Polyester Fabric Artificial Rabbit Faux Fur Fleece Fabric For Cotton Doll Hair Plush Toy 25x45cm


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Product Name: 100% Microfiber Polyester Embossed Fabric Rabbit Faux Fur

Stack Length: 1cm

Color: All colors shown, please judge the color according to the picture, our pictures try our best to be close to the real one, if there is just a little color difference after you receive it, please , understand

Size: 25x45cm, buy multiple staple pieces, machine cut in advance

Uses: The hair material for handmade DIY cotton dolls is very suitable, and it can also make some other crafts, such as necklaces, bags, bay window sill cloth, decorative cloth, photography backdrop, etc.

If you are using it to make cotton dolls, then this size 25x45cm can make 2 pieces of 20cm doll hair, I wish you success!

MaterialPolyester / Bamboo Fiber
OriginMainland China
Set Typeno
TypeMicrofiber Fabric
Type of Wholesaleno

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