Self Adhesive Soft A4 Velvet Flocking Liner Patchwork 10PCs Felt Fabric Soft Quilting Shoes Gloves Clothing Decoration Lining


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  • Soft Flocking Touch Self Adhesive Felt Fabric made of flocking cloth, quite soft to the touch, luxurious looking, eliminating the hassle of using glue, sticks easily to clean surfaces and stays on for a long time.
  • Easy to Use Self Adhesive Felt Sheets self-adhesive design without using extra glue or adhesive easy to use, durable, and water resistant. At the same time felt is easy to cut.
  • Easy to Peel off This Adhesive Felt Sheet with adhesive backing is easy to peel off without adhesive residues and can be reused several times, without losing adhesive properties.
  • Small & Portable These Sticky Back Felts do not take up space, the volume is small, and it is easy to store and easy to carry, making your go-out more convenient.
  • Wide Usage Adhesive Felt ideal for art & craft making, stationery, toy, jewelry box, bags, interior design, house adorning, garments, and costumes; Also can be used to wrap anything, will not cause any damage to your paint, or metal finish.
  • The velvet surfaces are water Resistant, and the back side is with a sticker. You can stick directly and do not need any glue. it is easy to stick and self-adhesive.
  • This fabric is also non-absorbency, which is ideal for many craft decorations.
  • Soft Velvet Felt Fabric Sticker is soft and has good texture. Which is suitable for Background decoration and crafts/DIY making.
  • Use it for the lining of jewelry boxes and also as a decoration background for a showcase, great for decorative crafts/DIY making, boxes, book crafts, and so on.
  • Suitable to be fixed on all dry, smooth, and clean surfaces.
  • Size: 210x297mm/8.27x11.69in
  • Material: flocking cloth
Packing list:
  • 10x Adhesive Felt
Item TypeSoft DIY Velvet Liner
MaterialNon-Woven Fabric
OriginMainland China
ProductSelf Adhesive Velvet Flocking Liner

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