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  • Round back glue hook and loop

    Round back glue hook and loop

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  • Product type: Round back glue hook and loop
    Specification: 10-150 mm (Can stamping various specifications and shapes according to customer requirements)
    Material: blending/nylon

    Feature: The back of hook and loop with hot melt adhesive, tear off,can stick on the product;Back glue hook and loop is a complete set of general loop hook strap stick together, back glue hook and loop super viscous force, can be directly adhesion to the surface and the high density items.

    Common hook and loop and special hook and loop strap on its own basis,through high temperature hot melt glue machine, dissolve the glue on the back of the ordinary Velcro and special Velcro tape, with a layer of oiliness release paper, back glue hook and loop is finished.

    Use: this product can be used for neonychium, fixed products, paper products, plastic, glass, curtain, leather, metal, all on the smooth surface objects, water proofing property, strong viscosity, resistance to adhesion, etc.

    thick velcro tape

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