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  • Reflective wear resistant cloth CWC-091

    Strong reflective wear resistant cloth SKF-113

    description: Reflective Cloth

    Composition: kevlar+3M reflective yarn

    Width: 54"

    Weight: 300 GSM

    Type: plain

    This product adopts import dupont kevlar yarns with 3 m reflective yarn.

    The United States dupont kevlar yarns - imports high strength abrasion resistance.

    3 m reflective yarn - reflective effect is best.

    3 m has a light yarn - used to meet the needs of the guests at different prices.

    Three kinds of yarn, fabric with kevlar abrasion resistance of high strength and wear resistance, reflective fabric, reflective properties.

    Widely used in motorcycle clothing, bicycle clothing, climbing suits and other outdoor sports series of protective clothing.

    Dark environment can be reflective in the light, prompt alert.

    Kevlar yarn by the United States dupont kevlar fiber twisting.Kevlar has high strength, more than 28 grams/denier, 5-6 times that of high quality steel, modulus of 2-3 times that of steel or fiberglass, toughness is 2 times that of steel, and the weight is only 1/5 of the steel.Continuous use of kevlar temperature range is very wide, in - 196.C to 204 ℃ scope can normal operation for a long time.Shrinkage rate to zero under the condition of 150 ℃, 560 ℃ high temperature decomposition not melt.

    Kevlar line has the following features:

    1. High strength 20.92 cN/dtex; 

    2. The linear density: 1.667, heavier than water, sink in water; 

    3. The cutting resistance, good thermal stability, don't melt at high temperature, the glass transition temperature of about 345 ° C; 

    4. Bending performance generally, tie yi form burr; 

    5. Good tensile performance, elongation at break: 3.55%; 

    6. Resistant to common organic solvents and salt solution, strong acid, strong alkali resistance is poor; 

    7. Sensitive to uv light, long time exposure to the sun, the intensity attenuation about 40%; 

    8. Yellow appearance

    9. The price is relatively cheap; 

    The kevlar cloth can be made according to the requirements of high strength of resistance to high temperature cloth

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