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  • Pin type hook and loop cable tie,black

    Pin type hook and loop cable tie,black

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  • Product type: T type back to back cable tie,T type self-adhesion left hand thread cable tie,magic tape tie
    Specification: 10*60MM、10*85MM、10*90MM、10*100MM、10*105、10*150MM、 12*140MM、12*150MM, etc.Other specifications can be customized.

    Uses:Wire and cable, communication engineering, connector, computer peripheral wire, etc.One side hook one side loop, hook surface is particulate injection hook, common hooklike, used to tidy up the wires around the computer,furniture products.According to the guest request printing of company name and company logo, website and advertisement promotion information, etc.

    Usage: Hook and loop hole is wire inlet, through fixed on the wire, wires can be tied together at the other end.

    Features: wide range of uses, easy to carry, neat and beautiful.

    strongest hook and loop

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