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  • Nylon hook loop consubstantiality magic paste

    Nylon hook loop consubstantiality magic paste

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  • Product types:Hook loop consubstantiality magic paste (hook loop on the same plane), nylon hook loop consubstantiality magic paste,self-adhesive velcro,hook loop coplanar Hook & Loop fastener

    Specification: 20-110mm (Can be customized or processed as required.)

    Material:  Nylon

    Use: this product is widely used in wire and cable, communications engineering, connectors, computer peripheral wire, bound to fruit trees, etc.One side hook one side loop, hook surface is particulate injection hook, common hooklike, used to tidy up the wires around the computer,furniture products.According to the guest request printing of company name and company logo, website and advertisement promotion information, etc.

    Features:Hook loop coplanar magic paste is hook loop on the same plane, self-adhesive function, if you need to cable tie, as long as you take scissors and snip them, teeming with cable tie.

    bulk velcro

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