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  • Import cuff mark hook and loop

    Import cuff mark hook and loop

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  • Product types: import cuff mark hook and loop  (injection hook + don't fleece)
    Specification: (Can be customized or processed as required)
    Material: nylon

    Cuff stick (sleeve tab) is a kind of commonly used clothing accessories, divided into TUP injection sleeve tap, PVC sleeve tap and leather sleeves tap, positive can be printed or injection molding the guest's LOGO, the back is the hook side of hook and loop.Sleeve tap are commonly used at the cuffs of clothing,with the hook & loop loop surface to play the role of shrinking the cuff.

    1) 3D effect is very vivid, colorful, delicate and elegant;

    2) high tensile strength,good elongation, strong strain capacity;

    3) root penetration resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, good heat resistance and low temperature flexibility;

    white hook and loop tape

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