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  • High quality hot glue back glue hook and loop,nylon

    High quality hot glue back glue hook and loop,nylon

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  • Product type: hot glue hook and loop
    Specification: 100-300 mm (can be customized or processed as required)
    Material: nylon

    Feature: hot melt adhesive is a new environmental protection material with solvent-free,formula based on polyurethane architecture to design various features, is a solid at room temperature, heating more than melting point will melt into a viscous liquid, when using the laminating process, cool to room temperature and then back to solid, belongs to the reversible hot plasticity material, has the very good elasticity, softness and low temperature resistant tortuous characteristics, for a variety of different materials possessing strong bonding effect.

    Uses: hot melt adhesive film due to the high viscous, can glue a variety of materials, widely used in clothing, shoes, bags, handbags, clothing, medical, military, toys, shoes fabric joint, silicone bra, underwear accessories, waterproof zipper, trademark joint, computer 3C products, filling water bag, air bags, foam composite products.Used for electrical wiring, building stone, daily furniture, etc.

    hook and loop sanding discs

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